joining SoccerHague means accepting & respecting
these aspects of the T&C; the club-culture

[last update : Sept ’20]

1) 🎟️ RSVP

if you want to play, set RSVP to Going-Yes, on the event page.
Usually there’s a waiting list; so in case you change your mind set the RSVP to NO, so the next eager person in line can join.
Play as little or often as you want; no obligations to play every week.
We usually play 2 times a week (Midweek-eve & Sat-morn).

2) πŸ’° Payment

Payment is always in advance; get tickets online. Please check the instructions on the event.
Organizing is a job. We like footy, not extra administration work. It’s up to the participant to take care of payment.

3) πŸ‘₯ Target Group

the target persona for our events is : EXPATS of 25 years & older.
Sometimes locals or juniors play along, but it’s not ment for groups of already-friends who dont mingle. Everyone is an individual who blends in the diverse Meetup group. That’s what participants value in SoccerHague events : getting to know other international-minded people who live like they’re traveling.

Participants also need to have a certain base-line of skill level of the game, and a certain stamina. If it’s not possible to blend into the game we advice to look for club that has a focus on beginners or maybe seniors.

4) πŸ‘•πŸŽ½ Random Teams

TEAMS are made by RANDOM handouts of shirts.
Not by groups of friends sticking in 1 team, against other enemy teams.
Everyone mingles & everyone is your friend. Your opponent in today’s game is your team-mate in tomorrow’s game.
By luck you could get in a very good or bad team. Try to make the best of it.
Winning with a ‘bad’ team usually feels even better (more achievement) than winning if you’re in a good team anyway.

5) 🧘 Positivity

SoccerHague is a place to meet new people, have fun & stay fit.
Play to enjoy : having a good time & feeling fit is what matters most.
Bring positivity; spread GOOD VIBES & respect, not anger or conflict.
It doesnt cost that much to do so; the investment is low & returns very high.
Don’t be too serious and swearing at your team-mates or opponent.
You won’t get into the history books if you win, nor will you get sacked of you loose. It’s just for fun.
Some people are 25 years old, some are 55. Older are more experienced, young are faster. Try to look for eachothers strong sides.
There’s no REFEREEs.
Just take it easy, relax & be generous; then all problems will clear automagically.

6) πŸ€• Injuries

keep eachother HEALTY.
We don’t do slidings or rough tackles here
Be super careful not to injure someone. No slidings a day, keeps the doctor away.
For professionals football players there’s so much at stake, injuries are a much more calculated risk of their business..
At SoccerHague it should always feel like we’re playing in safe-mode, because its just for fun & fitness. Playing rough isnt allowed at SoccerHague.
Besides our own rules, here’s an overview of Dutch law on sports injuries, and accountability.

7) πŸ–ΌοΈ Profile Picture

Members on SoccerHague are required to upload a recognizable PROFILE PIC.
The photo doesnt have to be a closeup, as long as it’s recognizable for members & admins (can be from some meters away).
Building a community works better when people can recognize eachother.
Over the years almost all conflicts at events have been with ‘faceless’ people.
PS : on Meetup you can have a unique profile pic for every group you’re in. So if you prefer it’s possible to upload a faceless profile pic for all other groups you’re member of.